ndtfilmviewers.com is a new site developed for the company, NDT Supply.com Inc. which sells NDT Equipment and supplies. This includes a lot of different categories and products, all sold on their main eCommerce website. ndtfilmviewers.com was developed and setup initially as an eCommerce site. The idea was for ndtfilmviewers.com to carry just the Film Viewers category of equipment. When the client decided in the end to make it an information only website, OKDnet left intact all pricing and ecommerce functionality (such as shopping cart buttons, etc.), but hid it so that it can easily be "turned back on" so-to-speak within the sites CMS (which stand for "Content Management System") by the client at any time.

Project Scope:
  • Web Development
  • Design
  • Online Marketing
  • Photography
  • Multimedia
NDT Supply.com Inc.
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