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Full Circle Studio, like many small business, needed a good, clean, professional website, but they also needed it fast, because they faced a problem that they feared could put them out of business. Their existing site was built by an "associate" of a partner who was now an ex-partner, because the business relationship didn't work out. The site was also hosted by and under the control of the same associate and ex-partner, and there was a very real fear that the site would be removed.

Fortunately, our client owned the domain name. In addition, we determined that the site was a static site. So rather than try and do a super rush job, OKDNet did a web spider crawl and captured the entire existing website. Then we set up the domain on our hosting, and put the site there. And sure enough, the ex-partner did try and remove the site (we won;t share the details of how we know this, but use your imagination). Suffice to say, our client wishes she could have seen their face when they surprisingly discovered the site still online even though they had "removed" it.

The important thing is, this gave us more time to build the new site. Full Circle Studios has classes that change along with the associated info every season. OKDnet was able to meet and exceed their needs with a website that highlights all their different dance class offerings, as well as schedules, pricing, etc., The site includes a Content Management system that allows easy changes, updates, and additions. Now her site remains up to date with always current info.

Project Scope:
  • Web Development
  • Data Services
Full Circle Studios
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